Sep 10, 2014

Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kind of fucked up you’re into.

Hello you. 
Now, that title is the way to come back after a long hiatus, ain't it? Sooo, where do I start? If you've been lurking at my Instagram, you've probably noticed that I didn't cut myself completely from the virtual world. I even got a bit addicted. Tumblr has also been my shoulder to cry, laugh, escape from the world and get the sexy inspo. Other than that, I've been madly in love with summer. We've been playing and indulging in each other's company completely and I do have a hard time letting my lover go. It's been almost four months on my favorite island. Loads of work, loads of fun and loads of beautiful people. This year I have been smarter, I enjoyed the whole ride. Even those bad moments you somehow can't escape. Shamelessly flirting with life and everything it brings me. If you wanna see a bit of the fashion side of my days and nights, stay tuned for the next post. Won't promise you anything special, just the things I'm into these days. Without pressure and fuss.

Hope you enjoyed your summer days too. Would love to hear about them...

May 29, 2014

Uh huh honey!

(top & skirt H&M, shoes Promod)

Well hi there. Long time no see (this sounds strange written). I am one shitty blogger, that I am aware of. We are growing apart babes, huh? Hope you're somewhere there still. I am. Watching from a shadow, looking at your pretty outfits. Speaking of outfits, I fell hard for the crop tops, as you can see. I've been wearing them since the sun started shining finally and I intend to continue. Right now I am rushing to my last reggaeton class of the season, before I change my office to the beachy one. This year passed so quickly, like it was yesterday that I came home from Hvar. And what I've been doing the whole year? Working. Staring at a computer, to be precise. But it's all good. Hope you are good too.