Apr 13, 2012

Arena centar bloggers challenge

Hello there!
I am happy to announce that I'm participating in bloggers challenge, along with 7 fellow bloggers, woot woot! 
Masterminds behind this are Krpa.hr suported by Arena centar shopping mall. The idea is to split us in pairs, give us one hour, limited budget and a styling challenge (occasion). Jury will decide which styling they like the best, but you can also participate and follow the project here.
I have already filmed my episode and it was amazing. I had so much fun, but you will have to see for yourself if I managed the task. It wasn't easy at all, that's for sure.
You can watch a premiere on April 18th, right here (I'm breaking the ice:)).
Stay tuuuned loves!


duckalicious said...

being a blogger in Croatia must be awesome. maybe I should consider moving to Zagreb ...

anja. said...

jedva čekam :D

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

super mi je to :D

Antonia said...

Držim fige! :)



ginger said...


Vanja Milicevic said...

gledala, ispratila, glasala, super si bila :)
cmok, cmok