Jun 12, 2013

Latest beauty favorites.

Jeeeeez, so much to do, so little time! Yup, you've got it rigt, yet again I'm strugling with the concept of time. But heck, who isn't these days.
In about two weeks I'm off to the coast into new battles and there is too much to do before I go. Lately I haven't had enough time to follow the beautiful world of fashion, either. And God I miss that!

But I snapped some of my latest beauty crushes though. Ok, that Chanel blush obviously isn't very new, but it's been a great lover since I got it. Never found a substitute for it. 
And do I need to get me started on a Vichy subject? Every little thing I try that has those five divine letters, it's a freaking miracle. Especially this gel that I use as a day/night face cream. Gives you that heavenly feeling of freshness and purity.
And there is that Flormar red lip gloss. I am proudly wearing it. Everyday. All day. All night. What the f*! Just kidding :) Try it. Amazing!
Sephora brush and Vichy (what else) foundation are not new discoveries, but when I find stuff that work, I tend to stick with them.

So there ya' go. Since I'm not a beauty blogger, you'll have to live with my limited vocabulary, consisting of simple yet effective "great", "amazing", "cool", etc. 

Gotta go study now. And it's 11 pm. Some go to sleep, I live on the edge. 
Gooood, how much longer?? Feeling sick already. Bye!


Fashion Disorder said...

Na sve stavljam BIG LIKE! :)

Voodoo Moon said...

I know the feeling. Ja moram predati završni u petak. Recimo samo da zasad imam... naslovnicu -.-' :'(

Mia i Edina said...

Moram probati taj chanel blush vec jednom, otkad ga planiram uzeti!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

super :)


Pastel Paradis said...

A ja se kanim uzeti neki od Viši proizvoda već jako dugo, al nikako da se nakanim. hahaha

Zvuci mi primamljivo ova ''total mat'' .. mozda probam nju prvo