Jul 25, 2013

Check Mate

Only thing I don't like about my current home, Hvar Island, is very bad shopping. There are only few stores with poor offer and ridiculously high prices. Unbelieveable for a place that atracts thousands of tourists every summer. 
But there is one store that could redeem Hvar. Hidden in a lovely calm alley just arond the main square, it offers quality clothes from selected Croatian designers. 
Intimate and chic interior is a perfect home for unique jewelry and clothes. Not to mention, a great insight in Croatian design for many tourists.
So if you are somewhere around this gorgeous island, stop by Check Mate store and feel free to indulge.


Ivana Džidić said...

nisam bila, baš lijepo izgleda...

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

Beautiful photos!
I love all these accessories!!!


Anonymous said...

Bok, tko radi naušnice na slici 16? i kako bi se moglo doći do njih? Hvala, Matea

Anonymous said...

Jao majca na prve dvije slike :o znas li mozda cija je?