Sep 10, 2014

Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kind of fucked up you’re into.

Hello you. 
Now, that title is the way to come back after a long hiatus, ain't it? Sooo, where do I start? If you've been lurking at my Instagram, you've probably noticed that I didn't cut myself completely from the virtual world. I even got a bit addicted. Tumblr has also been my shoulder to cry, laugh, escape from the world and get the sexy inspo. Other than that, I've been madly in love with summer. We've been playing and indulging in each other's company completely and I do have a hard time letting my lover go. It's been almost four months on my favorite island. Loads of work, loads of fun and loads of beautiful people. This year I have been smarter, I enjoyed the whole ride. Even those bad moments you somehow can't escape. Shamelessly flirting with life and everything it brings me. If you wanna see a bit of the fashion side of my days and nights, stay tuned for the next post. Won't promise you anything special, just the things I'm into these days. Without pressure and fuss.

Hope you enjoyed your summer days too. Would love to hear about them...


Tanya said...

I love this!

Psychocouture said...

Vratila si se! :)
Ah taj Hvar... <3333

Katja said...

what a great title!

according to photos you had a pretty cool summer too. wish it hasn't rained 24/7 here in slovenia :/

Anonymous said...

oh draga gypsy, vratila si se! :)
iako stalno skromno komentiras kako nemas fanove, imas ih imas.
jako mi je falio tvoj blog, a onda sam se razveselila kad sam otkrila tvoj instagram, ono, ipak si ziva, da ziva, zivis punom parom.

i nemoj vise dugo izbivati, okej?
sad slucajno provirila na blog, ocekivala sam da nece biti novog posta, kad ono iznenadjenje. sad ne stignem citati, ali se veselim jutarnjoj kafici uz ovu stranicu. ;)

Dora said...

Prekrasno!! :)

Mihaela said...

jedva cekam iduci post!:)


Sonia Verardo said...

beautiful summer pics!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

Joan Smith said...

It's sooo beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

Stvarno predivno! :)
Htjela bih znati, koji fotoaparat koristis? :))

Gypsy Gardens said...

@Anon: <3

@Anon: Koristim Olympus Pen EPL1, no ove fotke su slikane s iPhoneom 5... Sve s Instagrama :) :**